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We AtWise Inc. believe in Diversificationas a Tool to cater to diverse set of client base with our vast range of services, Hence we recommend you to visit this page occasionally to check the newly added products & services which would be of interest to you..

We provide Advice & Assistance to our clients on
  • Bank Loans (Personal, Business, Housing & Mortgage etc.,)

    Bank loans nowadays are convenient to apply for and easy to get, we at AtWise Inc. assist our clients on the entire process from filling out the application form, negotiating with the bank on interest rates and following up till the approvalfor all types of loans.

  • Investments in Real Estate (Commercial & Residential)

    Real Estate & Property investments are fast catching up as an alternative investment for most of the upper middle class & affluent class people, while the middle & working class look at it as a lifetime dream to build & own a house of their own. We at AtWise Inc. assist our clients in their search for hot properties at a highly competitive priceacross Bangalore whether the plan is for affordable housing or for investment purpose.

  • Trading in Stocks & Commodities (Advisory &Demat account)

    Stock & Commodities Trading is a market which gives you the highest returns possible on your investments only if you are wise enough to know when to enter & when to exit. We at AtWise Inc. assist our clients in understanding the basics of Stock & Commodities Trading and help them make the most out of the market with our long and short term strategies and research fundamentals.

  • Insurance (Life, Non Life & Medical)

    Insurance should be seen as a platform to share the risk of loss and not as a primary platform as an investment avenue unless properly researched. We at AtWise Inc. assist our clients to find a suitable product which offers maximum benefits whether in terms of Tax Saving, Life Cover, Children plans and Medical Emergencies. We also assist our clients in buying Medical policies and Motor/fire Insurance at lowest possible rates with maximum benefits.

  • Portfolio Management Service (PMS Complete Package)

    Portfolio Management Service is beneficial for High Net worthIndividuals (HNI)& Urban Populace who would prefer a Qualified Asset manager/Investment Banker to manage their entire investment and financial needs under one account without the usual hardships and knowhow of financial world.

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